Monday, May 25, 2009

working on my GW7 blog..stay tuned!

We had sooooo much fun, I am not sure that blog spot can handle my book I am writing about our experiences. LOL

highlights...VIP parking, sitting with mtn-mn, bitbrain and JR hamming it up, and Brittani's Boomerang TB made it back to her...oh and you would not believe the cache convoy we had fun fun..I wanna do it again!!

Stay tuned for the full story!




I could write a book on our GW7 adventures! I will give the highlights....

The Friday night Meet and Greet had us one has ever seen so many trackable cars, ppl, dogs, GPS's, etc... HOLY COW! everything was trackable! The best part of the Friday event was talking to a Brazilian couple.

Saturday was way fun! BBJR insisted we stop at Walmart and grab some car "chalk" to make the Caliber pretty. (we "chalked" IOWA GEOCACHERS ORG on the back window...our cache names on the side window, and GeoWoodstock VII on the other side window, and of course I had printed out the IGO logo and had them showing in the windows too) OMG! I am soooo glad we did! We pull into the parking area (half mile from the event) and JoGPS told us to turn around...we get aVIP cachemobile showoff pass! We got to park in the town square (200 feet from the event), with about 25 other vehicles! 25 select vehicles out of the thousands....OMG!!!

We volunteered at the GW store for an hour and on the way there we see a nametag "~Bailey~". ~Bailey~ brought us something special all the way from Maine... BBJR's Boomerang TB that has been traveling for 2 years trying to get home! That was definately a highlight for us! I think the Boomerang needs a new mission..GW8 maybe? LOL
While working the store, BBJR and bitbrain hit it off and the hour went by fast. Never had so much fun folding t-shirts for an hour!

As for the event itself....there were ppl everywhere! Got to meet alot of cachers from everywhere! Alot of the older cachers were there, we got to meet mtn-mn (we sat with him, his wife, and MissJen during the auction), JoGPS (he gave me the cachemobile pass!) ranger joe, mondou, and so many others I forget who all I met now. I will have to look at my geo-bingo card..I got thier

After the event picture (taken by the Bell Buckle Fire Dept...from a fully extended ladder truck), we joined the caching convoy enroute to a FM event... You get 30+ vehicles and who knows how many cachers all following each other, who needs a GPS? LOL get in the line to sign the log, tell the cacher behind you how and where it was hidden. Too much fun! No parking signs are a suggestion when cachers are in Middle Tennessee!!!!

More to come........

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderpuppy ate the Guitar Hero World Tour disc for PS2. $50 for a game that lasted 4 hours...12.50 an hour is what that game cost me today. *sigh*
Free dog...includes new GH World Tour disc (slightly misshapen)